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Janusz 'John' Rogowski founded TopFitness along with his wife Gosia in 2015. Janusz began his sporting career in 1976 in Europe as a wrestler, going on to compete for 8 years as a state and international champion. During this time he discovered his passion for bodybuilding, moving to Australia in 1985 and winning 'best overall' Victorian champion in 1988. 

Within the same year Janusz achieved the title for highest bench press within his 80kg division, at 202kg (later he went to beat his own record, at 225kg!). He went on from there to win many other titles in weight lifting and wrestling and enjoyed a long career following his passion for pushing his body and mind to its limits.

Janusz went on to formally study fitness and nutrition, whilst also furthering his knowledge in a range of areas such martial arts. After beginning work at the William Chang Academy in 1990, Janusz made his dream a reality and founded his own gym 'Body Vision' in Caulfield in the year of 1994. From here Janusz relocated to Glen Waverley, operating 'Pinewood Fitness Centre' for 21 years until recent years when the decision was made to create 'TopFitness'.

TopFitness has been the brain-child of Janusz and his family, all working together and brining forth their own passions and skills to create a space that they could be proud to share with the public. Janusz, along with his wife Gosia and their three children worked tirelessly to build their vision from the ground up. They all maintain a strong presence within the business, working both in-centre and behind the scenes, along with their partners and members of staff that have been a part of the team for over a decade. Even the family dogs have chipped in, posing as mascots for RSPCA fundraisers run at the gym, which is another venture the team is passionate about; giving back to the community and being a socially conscious business. 

We believe TopFitness is a special place, founded by genuine love of the industry and has been a team effort. Gosia studied nursing in Europe and has since gone on to specialise in holistic and alternative medicine; several of Gosia and Janusz' children and their partners have undertaken their own studies in fitness and nutrition, all of which are a big part of the business today. 

We hope that the centre can be a place for people to feel comfortable, supported and welcome. There are no limits to what we can achieve with the right mindset, plan of action and knowledge to back us up. Come and visit us at TopFitness to experience your potential in a place that honestly cares about your progress and journey.

Thank you for taking the time to read our story, and we hope to see you at the gym!

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