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 Our team of qualified, dedicated and friendly trainers have the specialist skills to get you fit and feeling great.

Personal training sessions can help you to maintain the consistency needed for effective rehabilitation, weight loss, strength building and specific sports training. We are known for our strict standards in trainers and only provide you with the best in the business. All of our TopFitness trainers are approachable, supportive and highly experienced. 

By choosing to engage with one of our trainers you are ensuring you receive world-class professionals - we train professional athletes and prepare people for competitions, imagine what we could do for you!

Regardless of what your goals are, and whether you are just starting out or a gym junkie, we have a match for you.

Group Training Available

Our fitness professionals also operate group personal training sessions. These are fantastic options for those who prefer group training, or want to utilise the expertise of the trainer at a reduced cost. Some of the sessions the trainers run are circuits, boot-camp, boxing, wrestling, yoga and more. Have a read through the trainer profiles below and get in touch for more info.

Trainer Profiles

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janusz 'John' 

Janusz is the owner of TopFitness and has operated his own gym and fitness centres for well over 20 years. Having dedicated his life to various physical pursuits such as handball in Europe, wrestling, weightlifting, athletics and also bodybuilding +more he truly understands the diverse needs of his clients; both on an elite sporting level to simply wanting to look and feel your best.

Available for personal training, you can trust you are in the hands of a true, experienced professional. Janusz also runs wrestling and boxing group sessions


Gosia started out as a nurse and has since followed her interests to engage in a career as a passionate massage therapist; having practiced professionally for over 20 years she has accumulated a wealth of experience. She aims to provide a high standard of service and truly cares about her clients. Practising in a range of areas such as relaxation, reflexology, Thai and sports massage, aromatherapy and more, Gosia has ensured to continuously expand her knowledge and skills.

She also practices yoga and has a personal interest in incorporating elements of Pilates and strength building in to her exercises. Available for small group and one-on-one sessions for Yoga/Pilates, and by appointment for massage therapy as well as a range of other holistic health services such as cupping, ear candling and more.


Kirsty is a dynamic, fun and friendly trainer that brings a large amount of passion and energy in to her sessions. She is dedicated to an active and healthy lifestyle, choosing to engage in a range of outdoor pursuits and martial arts. Also having competed in figure body-building, she truly practices what she preaches and understands what is required to achieve results for her clients.

Always attentive to her clients needs, she is a great asset for beginners or those wanting to take their training up a notch. Available by appointment for personal training, Kirsty also operates a females only boot-camp.


Robbie is a highly passionate and dedicated personal trainer that has been in the industry for over 10 years. He continues to coach a range of different clients for various health & fitness goals, from sport specific coaching to general health and fitness. Robbie takes pride in assisting each client achieve their goals whatever they may be. Each client is guaranteed a fun, friendly and supportive environment ensuring their health & fitness become a priority. Robbie promotes fitness as a lifestyle change & offers continuous support along the way. He aims to make fitness a comfortable and enjoyable experience for all members.

Expertise: Bachelor of Exercise Science & Nutrition, Over 10 years experience in personal training & group fitness coaching, Competitive Olympic weightlifting, Body building and power lifting experience, Black belt in Karate & many years in various martial arts. He is also a group fitness coach undertaking classes in boxercise, boot-camp, CrossFit and general fitness.


Patrick is a friendly, knowledgeable personal trainer that has been getting results for his clients for many years. His own personal dedication to health and fitness, and his experience competing in martial arts ensures he truly understands what is required to get the results you want!

Available for group and individual training sessions, he is a fantastic trainer for those just starting out or those wanting to take their training to the next level; he takes the time to ensure the programs he designs are individually tailored for your goals. Achievements: Sport Development coach, National Taekwondo Champion, State Taekwondo Champion, International medalist.


For over ten years Shawn Has been providing a high level fitness service to hundreds of clients of all fitness levels.Expertise: Over ten years as a personal trainer, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu purple belt, Professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter, MMA Coach.

Specialty Areas: Results based programs, Strength Training, Sports specific programs, Boxing & Martial Arts, Olympic Lifting Techniques.

Personal Training Kickstarter

$ 100 AUD

Take advantage of our online exclusive introductory offer for new personal training clients. Enjoy three 30 minute personal training sessions for a reduced price of $100. That is just over $30 for each session, an amazing price for our world class trainers. Excellent opportunity to trial any of our fantastic trainers, or to get yourself started. Please note this is only available once per person, and for new clients only. You do not have to be a member to take advantage of our personal training services.

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