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Improve Your Workouts with Sports Massage

For the gym junkie or professional athlete, massage is not a luxury, but an essential piece of the puzzle. It aids in athletic performance, rehabilitation, recovery and may alleviate symptoms of chronic pain.  

A quality, personally tailored massage program can improve your workouts and help you maintain a grueling regime, or aid in the transition if it has been a while since you've hit the gym. We believe you do not have to destroy your body to have the body you want.

Our specialised sports massage can:

  • Increases endurance and improve your performance
  • Release soreness from muscles
  • Improve flexibility and prevent injuries
  • Help you heal a sports injury
  • Reduce your recovery time
  • Ease away fatigue and tension

feel true bliss with aromatherapy

We believe a happy, healthy body stems largely from mental well-being. It is so easy in this world to feel stressed, overworked and exhausted - leading to enormous strain on our bodies. Aromatherapy massage is a fantastic introduction to your overall health and wellness regime. Feeling recharged, taken care of and rejuvenated is a great way to maintain motivation, release muscle tension and keep on top of your goals.


Massage Treatment: Choice of relaxation massage treatment with aromatherapy, or sports injury/recovery massage with magnesium

$80 1hr          $45 30min            $100 1hr20min Full body             $120 2hr yoga/stretching + full body massage

Ear candling - $30 30min       Cupping therapy- $30 25min     Reflexology - $50 40min

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